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About Microblading

Microblading is a type of semi-permanent make-up that combines of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Compare to traditional makeup, microblading can save you from the daily application and removal of makeup. The procedure operates on the base layer of the skin, which is known as epidermis. As skin cells grows as a natural process of metabolism, the color will gradually disappears in 2 to 4 years. The pigment used is an organic natural material that is safe and does not pose any harm to the human body.


1. Smokey Microblading

It is a kind of mild-type microblading with slight color transition. At first glance, it looks smokey. It is popular among young people and with the eyebrows looking smokey with texture and sensation.


2. Machine Microblading

This kind of microblading shares the same technique with the smokey microblading.but with a more prominent smokey effect. The handcrafting method is replaced by machine drawing. The incision area is even smaller than traditional microblading, which is suitable for people with sensitive skin, or fair skin and hair color.

3. Silky Smooth Microblading

This unique technique enable a look with each hair on the eyebrow being visible. It is suitable for people who want their eyebrows to look natural and do not wear makeup. The look created by this hand-carved technique is based on each person’s eyebrows. For example, if a persons has decent shape eyebrows, a scattered distribution of hair stroke will do the job. But if a person has little hair on the eyebrows, applying this technique may not look very realistic.


4. 3D Microblading

This type of microblading combines the technique of smokey microblading and handcarved microblading. The handcarving technique focuses on drawing each stroke realistically to replace the real hair. At the same time, the smokey fluff increases the textured of the eyebrows, making them looks more realistic. The result is visually closest to naturally eyebrows.


Having dark eyeliners at the root of the eyelashes can make your eyes look deeper and bigger. Without using any make up, eyelashes will appear to have more volume and the shape of the eyes can be slightly modified.

1. Natural

2. Volume

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